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Our "About Us" is really "About Others"...

About Us

Our Mission and Inspiration

Gail Germain, "Gracie," knew firsthand what women need during cancer treatments. During treatments she would often say, "Pretty little packages always make me smile...even on a really bad day."


And so began...The Gracie Foundation.

The Gracie Foundation creates pretty little packages that include fabulous items to make an individual feel pampered, happy, and truly special...even on a really bad day. 


Our mission is to "gift" women currently undergoing treatment for ANY TYPE of cancer.  Our gifts are intended to bring strength, hope, and positive energy to these brave women. We brighten the day for hundreds of women across the country!


We are a private non-profit organization with all fees paid for by Bob Germain (Gails husband).  Additional donations we receive go directly to provide "Gracie Gifts."


Below are images of sample items that were donated for previous "Gracie Gifts." Gift items vary depending on current donations.

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